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保良局莊啟程預科書院同學,彭玄博、陳揮騏、吳永欣、林汶俊、黎儉樺、邱澤禮,憑微電影「師生之約」榮獲《敬師運動委員會主辦「向老師致敬2017」微電影創作比賽》冠軍 本作品為唐乃勤初中書院與本校合拍之作品 BGM: Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) – The Piano Guys The Amazing Spider Man 2-“I’m Moving to England”

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He is not Eddie Peng - The 6th Inno-Action! HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project Entry (Drama) DR021

Synopsis (Chinese Only): 「肥仔一跌落渠~就連部單車都失去!」一班人當中,定必有一個死肥仔。佢可以高,可以矮,但唔可以瘦,肥仔不是欺凌人,就是被人欺凌,所以不難想像為何胖虎要欺負大雄…… Director:劉卓楠 Script Writer:劉卓楠 Protagonists:謝兆禮、魏子揚 Production Assistant:吳愷量 Acknowledgement:吳愷量、梁維超、葉恩熙、黃子諾、劉家熙 Video Editor:劉卓楠 Online Polling for The 6th Inno-Action! HKBU Academy of Film Seeds Project has begun! Please vote Entry (Drama) DR021 Entry (Documentary) DC002 Online Polling Closing Date: 12:00 noon, 26th June,2017(Monday)  

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Six Files - Privacy Respect and Protection Video Competition Merit Award

Synopsis: Ah Yin is a 15-year-old secondary school student. He likes surfing on the Internet. One day, he was required to provide personal information to a website for some privileges. However, unfortunate events happen after that. Produced by:  劉卓楠、梁維超、陸冠賢、吳錦熙 Our students participated in a video competition about privacy respect and …

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